We Make Michigan: #VotersDecided.

Who We Are

We are a coalition of grassroots organizations, neighborhood groups, congregations, labor unions and communities who are working together across Michigan to ensure every vote is counted, protect our democracy, and keep our communities and those we care about safe.


What We’re Doing

For months, Michiganders have been pulling through by pulling together: fighting voter suppression during election season, turning out in record numbers to vote, and ensuring that every vote was counted. We showed up for each other, showed up at the ballot box, and showed up in the streets. Our work was critical in 2020, holding the Wayne County and State Board of Canvassers accountable and ensuring they certified our votes and ensured democracy was upheld. We’re still here, and we deserve a Michigan where all of us – no matter who we are or where we come from – can thrive. The will of the people will win the day.


What You Can Do

The more of us that show up however we can, the better chance we have to build the future we want to see. By coming together, we can make sure that all of us — Black, white and brown, Native and newcomer — are cared for and the will of people will win the day.

Join us by signing up to protect democracy and ensure every vote is counted by volunteering with our coalition.


Ready to come rewrite the rules, together?

We ALL make Michigan. Now it’s time to rewrite the rules so to ensure we can all put food on the table and have a great life.